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Welcome to the website of Silverdale Methodist Church..

..and in-particular this interim HomePage, as we continue to navigate our way through CoronaVirus.

The building has now re-opened for most Activities – see  THE CALENDAR  for details of everything that is now happening, and how they are being delivered.  However, please remember that things can change in an instant, due to the world that we currently live in.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

CRAFT PACKS continue to be delivered whenever we're Worshipping On Zoom, that are connected with the theme of Sunday Worship – for children & adults a-like! Send us a message through  Facebook  or on the  Contact Us  page, or send an e-mail to, and we will add you to the list.  Again, view  the Calendar  for details if you're unsure.

The face of "our" Church, and the worldwide church as a whole, has changed beyond recognition during this Pandemic, and we are doing all that we can so as to embrace where we currently find ourselves as a Worshipping Community, and to ensure that we come out of this situation stronger. We continue to re-imagine Church for such a time as this, whilst remembering that God is transforming us into a Church without walls.

If you can't join us "live", then be sure to head-on over to our YouTube Channel, where you'll find many week's worth of Worship, all recorded & available for you to watch on "catch-up" whenever is more convenient for you.  Be sure to "subscribe" to it too, so that our "reach" increases!

Keep checking this website, and visit our Facebook page, to stay up-to-date with what is happening & what we are doing – and so that we can all stay connected! When you find us on there, please "like" our page as soon as you can, as we always post regular updates with lots of various information.

And if you're on 'Instagram', you can find us on there too!

If you have any questions or concerns, send us a message and we will try our best to answer – either use the Contact Us section of this website, or go to our Facebook Page to send us a message.

And remember to view our latest NewsLetter, "SMC-NEWS", which can be found here.

Please remember also that we still have financial commitments – so please do all you can to support us, either with a regular Standing Order or a One-Off Donation. Use the Contact Us form to register your interest – or if you usually give each week, please continue to put your Weekly Donation to one side, and ensure that it reaches us regularly so that our finances can keep moving! Any donation would be gratefully received in these continuing trying times.

We also have our own SoundCloud Account too, if you prefer Audio only!


Here are quick-links to PDF versions of some of our Key Policies. Additional Info & Guidance Notes can be found on the Downloads Page.

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