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Our HouseGroups are a great way of developing our faith – they are great to share together, and they help us as individuals too! We run two – one on a Tuesday, and one on a Thursday, both begin at 8pm, and both are held virtually via 'Zoom', so you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home – but don't let that put you off, if you want to join but don't know how to, ask Lee, and we will make sure that you can join! Both study the same material, for the sake of continuity – and both are a great tool in, and vital to the growth of, the life of Silverdale Methodist Church, and it would be great if more of us could be a part of them. So, please consider joining – ask Lee or Jayne if you want any more info., and ask someone who is in one if you want to know what goes on! A bonus – we also have Socials too, face-to-face of course, ranging from meals out to games nights – so as well as learning, we also have fun too! So please do consider it, and help the Church where we have been called to serve to grow, by learning and studying together as a Church Family.
They take-place mainly during Term Time – if you're unsure, ask first to double-check, or checkĀ  the Calendar.

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