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Sundays @ Silverdale

Our Sunday Morning FAMILY OF GOD WORSHIP TOGETHER Experiences are as follows...

  • The 1st Sunday of every month is café Church.
  • On the 2nd Sunday of the month, we have our good friend Christine Chadwick (from 'The Salvation Army') delivering the Message – and our Brass Band accompany some of the Sung Worship whenever they're available...!
  • O the 3rd Sunday of the month, it's time for Holy Communion... .
  • The 4th Sunday of the month is "EMMAUS" – the Worship Experience where we talk with each other, and listen to each other – and when we can, go out & walk with each other too! It's led during the opening – we worship together, and you can listen to the theme – then it's a choice, you can go out, and walk & talk, whether it's with & to someone who's with you or to God, OR you can stay in-the-building to do the same. THEN, we finish with prayer & sung worship – again, the choice is yours, you can come back from wherever you are, and join with those in-the-building, or you can continue walking & talking – it's entirely up to you as to how you engage. Remember, the first disciples grew in faith by walking & talking with each other, and more importantly with Jesus – that's what EMMAUS is all about – that's why it's called EMMAUS, and why we do it! It's a Worship Experience that helps us to engage in a different way; instead of being "fed from the front", we're feeding each other – EMMAUS isn't just about the walking, it's about the talking too!
  • Whenever there is a 5th Sunday, it's different – we do different things, depending on what "season" we find ourselves in as a Church. Check the Calendar for up-to-date listings of what is happening & when.

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