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Sundays @ Silverdale

Sunday Worship, from 1st September 2021 onwards, will be as follows..

  • The1st Sunday of every month will continue to be café Churchthis will be an "in the building" Worship Experience.
  • On the 2nd Sunday of the month, we will continue to have our good friend Christine Chadwick delivering the Message – this will be a "WorshipOnZoom" Experience.
  • The3rd Sunday of the month will continue to be our Minister, Rev. Christine Legge, and will include Communion whenever possible – this will be an "in the building" Worship Experience.
  • The4th Sunday of the month will be "EMMAUS", going outside to walk & worship together, whilst considering God's creation – a new form of Worship that will be introduced, thus helping us to engage in a different way. There will also be Prayer Stations inside the Church Building for all those unable to walk with us – but the emphasis is on being able to walk & worship as a Church Community together!
  • Whenever there is a 5th Sunday, this will be led by Church Members, or a Local Preacherthis will be a "WorshipOnZoom" Experience.


Here are quick-links to PDF versions of some of our Key Policies. Additional Info & Guidance Notes can be found on the Downloads Page.

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